Digital TV Radio scanning and measurement

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Informs you on satellite digital channels quality .
"Channels with digital quality" .... Are we sure that digital means quality ?
Digital can be used to transmit quality, but we can do degradation on digital broadcast of TV channels or radios for technical or commercial issues.
A video definition decreased, video bitrate limitation, audio bitrate too lower, satellites transponder with more channels than expected for ecomical reasons, lot of things to verify !.
On this website, you will find Tv and Radio measurements, to verify on witch transmitter the quality is the best.
For this, are checked : video definition, average and max video bitrate, type on bitrate (variable or constant) for video, and bitrate , type, for audio channels on TV and Radio.

Digital broadcast can sent quality, but can also sent decreased quality for technical or economic reasons.
A decreased video resolution, a limited video bitrate, a too low audio bitrate, multiplexs with too many channels in it due to broadcast economy, many things to verify.
On this website, find quality measurment of TV and Radio broadcast, and find on which support the quality is the best.
For this, are checked : video resolution, average and maximum bitrate, bitrate type variable or CBR for Video, Bitrate and type for Audio .

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